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All This Free Time...What Now?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) just cancelled the rest of their season, once one of their players tested positive for Coronavirus. Next, the stations will all look into reruns, while only newscasters stay on-air in their $600 medical masks, telling us all we're doomed. You know this is coming. Meanwhile, the 97% of the population that just gets over the Coronavirus (AKA COVID-19 (it's around a 3% mortality rate)) will just wonder what to do with all their new free time. I even have a good friend suggesting that if everyone gets a mask, then the virus can't spread. Maybe. The flu is spread the same way, yet people get infected regularly - even those who use masks.

Italy just closed down. Yep, I mean that; Italy - just closed down. All businesses except groceries and medical aid centers (clinics, hospitals, etc...) have been ordered to completely close. It's March in 2020. What's next? Major League Baseball (MLB) cancels the entire season? National Football League (NFL) cancels spring training? Strategicon cancels altogether? Yes, I'm a geek. What!!? The point is, the entire world seems to be going into a tailspin...for what?

Victoria Simpson, one of the bloggers for RateMDs, states that the Coronavirus' mortality rate sits at around 3% "...compared to 6.7% for pneumonia and flu in the 2019/2020 season." You can read her full article here. Why then are we panicking? I'll tell you why. In a word: Trump. The media has had Trump in their targets since before he actually took office. Why? Check out my post on Media Bias here. It is widely known, and well documented that the Mainstream Media leans far to the Left. MSNBC has even been called 'giddy' for hoping this takes Trump down - here's that article and video.

Just so everyone knows, the coronavirus (not the current strain) is one of the known causes of the common cold. Yep - the common cold. It's expected that every human has successfully fought off the coronavirus at least once in their lives. What makes this strain (COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus) so bad? China said it started in a fish market near Wuhan - riiiggghhht. Ok - now we know that's not true - see this article. I believe it's a Chinese attempt at a Biological Weapon gone bad. What!? Why would you possibly think that, Bill?! Check out this notice from the Department of Justice. According to this Washington Times article, Wuhan has two chemical factories linked to the Chinese biological warfare program. Guess what - they're near the aforementioned fish market. Hmmm?

What does all this mean? It means, the Democrats and the Media are disingenuously cherry-picking information for your consumption to make Trump look bad, solely for the purpose of duping you and me into letting them regain power in Washington. They are doing everything they can to discredit Bernie, so he's not the nominee, by putting all their eggs into one basket with Biden, who very clearly is suffering from not-so-beginning stages of dementia and possible Alzheimer's. Why would they back this "gaffe factory" when he clearly doesn't have all his faculties? Power. They make sure that the gaffes don't make it to the evening news. Here in Los Angeles, they do this by showing us yet another "Breaking News" car chase happening in a city where car chases literally happen every freakin' day.

OK - back to Coronavirus. They're pressing the 'Panic Button' to keep you in panic mode, so when you vote - or think about voting - you only think of the panic. If you, as easily-led voters (as Hillary called you in her WikiLeaks hacked emails) are just led by the nose to the polls and vote through your teary-eyed panic, you'll blame Trump and then their VP gets elected - er - I mean Biden and his VP choice - who coincidentally will take power as soon as Biden takes office due to, yep, Biden's diminished mental capacity. Please don't tell me you can't see that coming.

I leave you with one of my favorite satire video sites - enjoy. Oh - free time. Go enjoy a book, a walk on a good trail, or your spouse. You'll have lots of free time with no sports or large-crowd gathering events.

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