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Apples & Oranges; Fear & Death

If you watch the Mainstream Media (MSM), you’ve been inundated with lines like, “…most cases and deaths on Earth“, or, “The United States has more cases of COVID-19 than anywhere else.” But how accurate is that? In order to properly answer this question, we need to find out how other nations count their cases and deaths, and if we are counting oranges-to-oranges, or oranges-to-apples.

According to the BBC in this article, there are 330 million people in the United States (US). The top five populated countries in Europe are the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, France, Italy, and Spain have a total population of around 320 million. The US (as of May 18th) had around 90,000 deaths due to Covid-19, while the same basic population in these five countries counted more than 130,000 deaths – nearly a 50% higher number. The MSM could give encouraging info showing that the US death rate is far lower than our European cousins, but they don’t – they present it in a way that is meant to induce more fear and panic. Why?

Now to individual countries. France and Germany present the death count with death in care-homes included, while England was only counting deaths in hospitals until recently. They have had a sudden increase in their deaths. With recently including care-home deaths, it’s no surprise that their numbers suddenly jumped. Germany only counts the death in a care-home if the person had previously tested positive, while it’s enough in Belgium and the US for a doctor to suspect the person had COVID-19. Don’t believe me? Here’s the actual death results from CDC. As you see, total deaths due to COVID in the US as of 5/23/2020 was 76,874. The peak of new cases happened 4/18/2020 and has been going down drastically since. However, the MSM gave us the total death number on 5/23/2020 as “…nearly 100,000.” You’d have to add nearly 33% more deaths to come up with their number, which wasn’t really a number, but ‘almost’ a number. Why would the MSM pad the number?

What should the real count be for COVID cases? According to research from the University of Southern California (USC) in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, there are 20 to 55 times more people who’ve already contracted COVID-19 that previously thought. See the article here. What does this mean? It means that the death rate is substantially lower than what is reported. Why does this matter? It means that at “almost” 100,000 deaths, the death rate for 1.6 million cases is 6.25%, but the death rate for “almost” 100,000 deaths when compared to the low estimate of only 32 million (88 million at the higher estimate) would be 0.3125% (0.114% at the higher estimate). We have (at the 20X rate) 1 chance in 320 of dying from COVID-19, while we have 1 chance in 106 of dying from a car crash, yet we don’t force ourselves to walk everywhere. Incidentally, we have 1 chance in 541 of dying as a pedestrian, so that makes more sense to disallow cars, but no-one calls for that.

It’s very obvious that there is no standard used by everyone that allows us to evenly compare results. With that being the case, why does the MSM compare numbers that cannot be compared? What biases does the MSM have that comparing the incomparable allow them to promote? As a reminder, check out my previous blog posts here about the MSM.

Too many in America lean more on how we feel than on logic. Even our judicial system strives to keep feelings out in it’s implementation, so much so that the symbol of our judicial process is a woman blindfolded and holding a scale. What matters is the truth devoid of feelings and opinions. However, we’ve allowed ourselves to be so driven by feelings that the fact that a law is broken no longer matters if someone’s feelings are hurt. We don’t push our kids to excellence anymore – instead, we give them all a trophy because they tried. This relaxing of our standards has permeated so much that we allow ourselves to be led by a MSM that uses fear to push an agenda. That fear then materializes in our civic decisions to…I don’t know…shut the nation down to stop a disease that more than 99.5% will survive. We get inundated with the viciousness of the disease’s symptoms and conditions that causes so much fear that we shut down swimming pools, which are full of chlorine due to its ability to destroy organic compounds on contact. Really?!

We are easily led by fear because we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to respond to fear with guilt-ridden levels of sympathetic tears, not addressed by logic and statistical data. We push logic to the back of the brain because it doesn’t allow for feelings. The MSM is not unaware of this and uses this ‘fallacy of feelings’ (maybe I should coin that phrase) to push the agenda which allows for them to exert more and more control over their loyal customers’ voting and buying habits. Stop accepting what they say at face value. Learn to know when they’re comparing this orange to that apple and when they’re completely fabricating feel-good or feel-bad ‘blood-limes’ for their own purposes.

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