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Christians and Voting

​Paul properly used the government to spread the gospel when he appealed to Caesar as a Roman citizen. Romans 13:6-7, when properly applied, suggests we are to be involved in our government in every proper way. Yes, this means vote. If you consider yourself a Christian and don’t vote, you are not abiding by this passage.

Too many Christians become so heavenly-minded that they’re no earthly good. “God’s Will will be done,” is their claim. However, God's Will is that none perish, yet we know that way too many do, because heavenly-minded Christians didn’t realize that “in the world, not of the world” refers to our place here doing what needs to be done for the Gospel without succumbing to the evil of the world.

Esther was where she was for, “such a time as this.” Why do these Christian do-nothings think that God didn’t place them here, ‘for such a time as this” to abate abortion, to influence our government for good, to call out the evil in our nation’s leaders by voting biblical principles.

If you, as a Christian don’t vote, please take the fish off of your car, take the cross necklace off, and please stop calling yourself a Christian. Jesus said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. This means taxes, but it also means to honor the methods that Caesar has set up, which allowed the early church to influence all for the Gospel. Paul did, when he appealed to Caesar, Esther did when she risked death to save her people, Joseph did when ran Egypt for Pharaoh - what, you think he just let things happen because he thought it was God’s Will?

You are an American. You are in the world. You’ve been given rights and privileges that in the history of the world few have ever had. Jeremiah 29:7 tells us to work for the peace and prosperity of the city you are sent to. This was told to the Israelites who were going to be in exile - you the world, not of the world. Work for the peace and prosperity does not mean to sit back, not vote and just trust that God will get His will. It means work - do.

Well done my good and faithful servant will be told to the ones that used their talents and blessings properly, not to the ones who buried their God-given opportunities along with their votes.

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