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Coronavirus Update

So...LA currently has a 1.7% mortality rate. Understand, that is the percentage of all deaths compared to all “known” cases.

I don’t go to the Dr. every time I get sniffles. Most people I know don't either. On top of that, hospitals are only allowing people who are seriously manifesting symptoms to come in and get tested. That means that 1.7% of all “serious” cases end in death. Research shows that only 20% of cases are going to exhibit serious enough symptoms to get hospitalized. And of those 20%, only 1.7% die. That means the mortality rate is more like .425%, or 425 people out of every 100,000 who contract COVID-19 will actually die. We’re shutting down the country for this?!

The press is driving this for two reasons in:

1. Crises have people glued to their tv screens. Remember 9/11? When the news is highly rated, companies that want to reach a large tv-watching market have to pay more for that ad than they would for a lower rated time-slotted show.

2. Networks absolutely hate anything Trump. Biden is a dementia-suffering gaffe-factory and is embarrassing himself and the entire Democratic Party, who has gone all-in to back him. This is a last ditch effort to get the public’s mind off of the election, which is very clearly going in Trump’s favor.

How can I say that? Remember SARS from when Obama was president? It has a higher mortality rate and killed many thousands of Americans. We didn’t shut down; we didn’t need to. This is completely and intentionally spun out of control for both money and politics by the press in collusion with the DNC.

Now, go and enjoy your time off and I hope you’re in the 99.575% who will simply get over it.

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