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OK - Let's air some dirty laundry that won't get any Mainstream Media (MSM) time. In 2016, in order to ensure that Bernie Sanders didn't get the nomination, the Democratic National Convention (DNC), in conjunction with the Clinton Campaign, ensured that almost all, if not all, of the superdelegates in the primary elections went to Clinton, thus keeping Sanders from being competitive. I say ' conjunction with...' because Debbie Wasserman Schultz DWS), who was the DNC Chair, conspired to fix the DNC primaries and was forced to resign in, what most ethical people would call, shame and disgrace. However, that's ethical people...not Democrats. DWS was subsequently hired to run the Clinton Campaign and has filled a seat in the House of Representatives for the State of Florida off-and-on-again since 2004. Where is her District, you might ask? The Counties of Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, and Broward. Sound familiar? Yes - THAT Broward County.

When Hillary lost the election to Donald Trump, all the chicanery of the DNC was glossed over by the left-leaning MSM (see my previous post on the MSM here) in favor of the DNC's narrative that Trump somehow colluded with the Russians, because all the polls leading up to the election had Hillary leading by a landslide. It must be the Russians, especially if you rule out the two other possibilities: Hillary is as twisted as Colpani Road in Bolivia, and the MSM leans waaaaaaay to the Left. It was the Hillary Campaign (with the former DNC Chair, DWS) that financed the Steele Dossier that was used to point to Trump's collusion. The problem? The Steele Dossier was completely fabricated by...can you guess? Yep - Clinton and the DNC. The Left, pushing hard to ensure that their own collusions and fabrications were not questioned, kept up the attack on Trump. If they let up, even for a second, all the swirling water will begin to rest and they will be seen holding the reigns to unimaginable deceit.

So, they didn't allow the waters to calm. As soon as the Mueller Report said no collusion, they came up with another attack. But what to do... They fell back on old habits: They made it up. Enter the "Whistleblower". Since no-one else actually knows his name (wink, wink), I will completely make up something to call him (is it a him'?), and use the completely random initials EC. EC, who is in the CIA, therefore in the Intelligence Community, supposedly heard someone say something about a call that President Trump was on. However, because the rule for a whistleblower is they need direct knowledge of the incident, and EC didn't have it, EC contacted the office of the US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) to find out what to do. Of course, Adam Schiff is the Chair of this committee, so his claim that he doesn't know who the whistleblower is is an outright lie. Well, there is a problem, EC has no direct knowledge, which is required under the Whistleblower Act. As a member of the DNC, Adam Schiff will not be stopped in his hatred of all things Trump, so they changed the rule to allow for hearsay, and delayed the whistleblower report for one week. That won't look suspicious, right? Oh, and I don't know who the Whistleblower is...(wink, wink).

Now they've got him. Problem is, on this call, Trump asked the President of Ukraine to look into the corruption of a former US Vice President, who already bragged about his extortion. See that here. The Democratic House members are trying to say that what Trump did was illegal, and completely brush over Biden, who was the person Trump was asking about. "What difference does it make?" - Right DNC? However, what either person did is not illegal. Since the Constitution has the President as the chief diplomat, who makes all treaties and agreements, any agreement from the Executive Branch that furthers the American interests is completely fair game. However, the Dems are saying that because Biden is an opponent in the upcoming election, it was wrong, making it a high crime & misdemeanor act. Furthermore, when Trump tried to say they were wrong, and and enforce separation of powers, he's now covering up and obstructing Congress. Good grief. You can read all about the impeachment details in my posts on the impeachment and Constitutional crisis.

Now that the impeachment process is all but over, with no measurable damage to Trump, which is what the desired result was, since there was never any chance of 67 Senators voting against Trump, the primary becomes that much more important. The DNC knows that there are no candidates currently running who stand a chance against Trump unless something happens to damage him. However, that being said, the DNC is also not ready to show their socialist card and let Bernie Sanders win, since he would push too hard too soon and cost them many future elections. America's not quite ready...yet. So now what? Back to what they know best - electioneering. Losing ballots; finding ballots; superdelegates; oh my! Even today, in Iowa, there are concerns about proper counting in the Caucus. Are you kidding me?! How can this be? I mean, the DNC is so... so... so fair and honest, right? I saw that the following hashtag was trending today - #DNCisCorrupt. How apropos. Contact your DNC aligned Congressperson and let them know their reign of lies is over. You will be watching. If they win fairly, good for them - they will have deserved it. If, however, the DNC status quo remains, there will be hell to pay. We've had enough of their deceit, trickery...chicanery to last a lifetime. DNC, you brought this on yourselves. #DNCisCorrupt

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