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HCQ: To Use or Not to Use - That is the Question

The Mainstream Media (MSM) has been inundating the airwaves, print, and news programs with how horrible and evil President Trump is for even suggesting Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), also called Hydrochloroquine, is safe for use to treat, and even as a prophylactic for, COVID-19. He obviously has no clue about medicine. Look at these Doctors that we’ve collected who will tell you what we just did. This has gone on for months…but why? Let’s look at this.

HCQ is a medicine that the World Health Organization considers one of the most important medicines in the world (1). It’s been used around the world since 1955 as a treatment for many issues from rheumatoid arthritis and lupus to Q-fever and malaria. It’s been used as prophylactic for malaria for almost as long. However, we are told by the MSM and even Dr. Fauci that it’s a dangerous drug. Why?

Using hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of malaria requires regular eye exams after 5 years of constant use. 5 years...of constant use. This is from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (2). Yes, it’s used as a prophylactic against malaria. For those of you schooled in California public schools this means it’s used to keep you from getting malaria. Not only that, but it’s used for long durations with only the need for eye exams. This doesn’t sound like the dangerous drug Dr. Fauci is claiming it to be.

Bill, it may be good for all those things, but it’s not been properly tested or found effective for COVID-19. Well, let’s see. According to the National Library of Medicine, results based on clinical trials (you know – testing) find it to be effective, and in their conclusion, “…our survey shows that hydroxychloroquine treatment is significantly associated with viral load reduction/disappearance in COVID-19 patients and its effect is reinforced by azithromycin.” (3) Additionally, India, a country with a population more than three times that of the US population, while only 1/3 the size of the US in area (meaning more densely populated for those of you from California public schools), has had 1/3 of the cases and 1/5 of the deaths associated with COVID-19 (4). Do you know why? **Spoiler Alert** HCQ (5). Want more? Even the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit found through (I won’t say ‘testing’ here out of respect for those trying to lie to you), well, you know, that the death rate was halved when HCQ was applied early on in the treatment (6).

The question then becomes why, in the face of this news and apparently easily obtained evidence, are the MSM and our government officials telling us otherwise? This is where I start rolling my eyes at myself, because I sound like one of those conspiracy-theory nuts that I usually laugh at. Who do we find connected at the hip most of the time when it comes to health-related issues? That’s right, Big Pharma (this is where I sound like my liberal friends), insurance companies, and government-regulated health agencies. What do they all have in common? $$. Well, that and the desire to unseat our current president, since he’s an outsider, and therefore not taintable. I mean, really; how do you taint a billionaire with millions? But a politician who needs this money to build a legacy for their family; them we can buy, and buy all day long. Try to imagine how much it might cost for a three-to-four week hospital stay with a respirator and a staff of overworked hospital employees running around. In to the $100,000’s, if not $1,000,000’s. Then compare that cost to $7.66 per pill of HCQ (7). Notice I used an independent fact checker for this evidence; not something the Left would expect of me. It’s not hard to see why those who feel the president is putting their profits in jeopardy would work as hard as possible, pulling every string, turning over every leaf, contacting every known MSM ally, paying double for politicians to tear down the president to get their way. Every time a video goes up of a Dr, or even a group of them, discussing the benefits of HCQ in their own experiences, it gets taken down in days, if not hours. Social Media is MSM for the youth. We need to get involved and make…yes, make our national and state leaders allow this information to be seen and used, and to punish those trying to keep it from us. Our elderly and immune-compromised friends and family are counting on us. COVID-19 is real and it is a killer…but it doesn’t have to be.

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