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Impeachment...or coup d'état

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I've been avoiding this one. Not because I don't have anything to say; far from it. I've been avoiding this one because it seems like it's too easy of a topic. You can probably find a million or more articles, blogs, reports, and editorials about the attempted - impeachment of President Donald Trump. It's time I threw my hat into the ring.

What is an impeachment? Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. Think of it as the Grand Jury for a criminal proceeding. A Grand Jury's only job is to determine if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial - an indictment. The Grand Jury does not convict, nor does it sentence. It merely determines if there is evidence enough for an indictment. The impeachment process in the US Constitution has the House of Representatives conducting the Impeachment hearings and by a simple majority can impeach an official - in our current case - the President.

Once the House of Representatives has impeached the President, the case is forwarded to the Senate to try the President on the grounds dictated in the House's impeachment. The Senate must reach a consensus of two-thirds in order to remove a President from office. If the President is not removed - remember this part for later - the Senate will vote to bar the President from holding further Federal Office - by a simple majority vote. Remember, the President can serve up to two full terms (or a maximum of one day short of 10 years - a lesson for another blog). If the President is impeached during his first term (as is the case now), but not thrown out of office, the Senate can bar him from running for a second term.

The House, currently run by Democrats, wants desperately to impeach President Trump. They have wanted to do this since the day he was in office. We can play clips all day showing Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Al Green, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler - the list is long and distinguished - clamoring for President Trump's impeachment; in most cases long before the infamous Ukrainian "Impeachable Offense". Why? I'll state why, but the topic is deserving of its own blog entry: Because Hillary lost. Yep, it's just that simple. OK - well, maybe not THAT simple. It's all about the Supreme Court. No, Hillary didn't lose because of the Supreme Court. Hillary lost because she's Hillary - a vile, evil woman who should be in prison for life for the long, and also distinguished, list of personal friends, acquaintances, and political hacks who've beaten every actuarial table's odds and committed suicide, or who've been coincidentally murdered under the most curious of conditions. No, they're mad because they lost the ability to ensure they have power in the Supreme Court. Why, though? It's because of abortion. It's the same reason they've demanded that all conservative Presidents make a commitment to not have an abortion litmus test for Court appointees, while themselves indicating they absolutely MUST have a litmus test for abortion. It's why Kavanaugh was attacked so furiously. It's why Scalia died surprisingly and no autopsy was ordered by Obama. It's why Thomas was attacked by the now-debunked Anita Hill Incident. They are viciously attacking anyone who might possibly be a key player in reversing abortion.

Now this blog is not about abortion. However, it's worthy of mention here. What is the chief situation where abortion comes into play? While the Democrats cry about protecting the life of the mother, the number of times that is actually the circumstance is so minuscule that their argument would be laughable if it wasn't so deceitful. If you believe that God creates life in the womb, like I do, then you see why this is so vile. If you believe, as I do, that the 50,000,000 aborted workers since 1973 could have helped to keep our Social Security solvent, then you see the damage that these policies have already done to our society.

OK - back to the blog. Asking Ukraine to look into a legitimate crime and withholding funds if they don't - this is your "crime". Imagine at this moment Dr. Evil air-quoting "Lasers". First, every President has made arrangements, to include withholding funds, to get their foreign counterparts to act in a way that they desire. You know why? It's because the President is the chief diplomat and in charge of all treaties and foreign arrangements, per the Constitution, and with oversight and approval of the Senate. Second, the arrangements that are supposed to be the coup de gras (sorry for all the French), didn't happen. "What?" you say? Yep. Watch this. So now what? Yep, in today's hearings, Chairman Nadler decided to put off voting until tomorrow. Why? 1) To make sure the vote gets as much public exposure as possible. If the impeachment was really about a crime, there was no reason to delay the vote. If the impeachment is about tainting the public's opinion of Trump, then delaying the vote to a more prominent time makes complete sense. 2) To make sure that the aforementioned public has enough time to forget the arguments made by the Republicans, which are based on fact, not how we feel, or what might have been the intention of the President, thereby allowing reason #1 to be more effective.

The Democrats know there is absolutely no possibility of throwing Trump out of office. Let me repeat that: There is absolutely no possibility of throwing Trump out of office. They don't have the votes necessary (67 or two-thirds of those voting - maybe even as low as 65). Why the h-e-double-hockey-stick would they do this, Bill, if there's no chance of kicking him out of office?! Ah, remember back to the beginning of my post. "If the President is not removed - remember this part for later - the Senate will vote to bar the President from holding further Federal Office - by a simple majority vote." THIS is what they're going for. They can't get the votes to throw him out, but if they are able to swing a mere four votes, they can ensure Trump can't run for reelection. Romney's a given, as he really isn't a Republican, so only three more. The point is, they're playing the "B" Game. They know the "A" Game won't work, but the "B" Game gets one of their inept candidates elected. Now this truly is a coup d'état of the highest order. It's not about any perceived crime. It's 100% about election tampering. This cannot be allowed.

Now you know. Now you see. Contact your Representative, but ESPECIALLY your Senators and tell them if they vote against Trump, two things will happen:

  1. They'll go packing

  2. We will find out why the 2nd Amendment was really put in the Constitution

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