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Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail...

You know the motto - Rain, snow, sleet or hail: Nothing stops the US Mail. Except that's been laughable for the last 30 years. It seems lots stops the US Mail...or at least slows it down. I have a weekend job; one that I get paid biweekly via US Mail. I've had this job for 3 1/2 years. I love the job. However, my boss - a good friend - sends me my check on Monday morning. I live literally 1.5 miles from him, in the same town...on the same side of town. Yet this envelope containing my check gets to me on Wednesdays most of the time, and Thursdays sometimes. There have been two times in these last 3 1/2 years when it got lost in the mail. Now we're looking at mass-mailing our official ballots for what some are calling the most important election of our time to everyone. What could possibly go wrong? Let me count the ways...

First, we have the biggest issue - lost mail. In the last four elections, according to this article, there still remain 28,000,000+ ballots missing. That's over 7,000,000 per election. I wonder, what an extra 7,000,000 votes could have done? Whose votes weren't counted? There's no way to know now. The post office has one of two problems: Mass incompetence among its leaders, allowing for continued lost mail on a massive scale, or gross negligence for not fixing a problem that allows for theft of mail by those who want to silence an expected opposition location. Either way, this alone would be reason to deny a request for 100% mail-in ballots. If these happened with just absentee ballots, which up until now have been the sole source of mail-in ballots, what will happen when we push for more than just 20-25% absentees - per this info.

Next, lets look at elections where fraud was a factor. Yes, I meant to say that - was a factor - not simply could be a factor. According to this article from the Daily Signal, these are the 15 most recent or most important elections where fraud caused the election results to be thrown out. Again, this is with limited exposure to ballots. This will grow exponentially when all ballots become mail-in. While it's easy to say maybe just for times the fraud (25% Absentee and mailing in previous election compared to 100% push now), remember, the same people and agencies will be watching and providing oversight on 4 times the number of ballots. To assume that increasing the number of ballots by a factor of 4, but not increasing the oversight by that same factor will only cause 4 times the number of fraudulent ballots shows a significant lack of understanding of math and probability. Here's an interactive list of voter fraud...

It's very clear that both sides are worried. The Democrats are worried because...well, because of TDS. You can read about TDS more right here. The republicans are worried because the Democrats rigged their own primary in 2016 to make sure Hillary, not Bernie, was selected as the nominee; because Wikileaks proved that Hillary is willing to cheat and lie to both the American public and her own Party, while the Democrats in Congress were only too willing to let her get away with it; because the media, being an asset of the left, is complicit in their co-conspirator status to ignore anything on the left, while demonizing all on the right; because after the election where Trump was expected to admit defeat when Hillary won, to go on and not admit defeat by pushing a fraudulent (there's that word again) Russia Hoax, fraudulent (this keeps coming up) Ukrainian influence - that Biden actually did - leading to a total partisan political stunt impeachment. The Democrats have proven over and over again to not only be willing to engage in coverup and fraud, but to actually commit fraud and coverups to forward their agenda. Now we are to believe the same people pushing for mail-in votes are suddenly pure as the new driven snow and have absolutely no ill-will and plans for usurping and election. I call (sorry - Army word coming) bullshit.

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