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Sheepdogs in the Pen

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

We have a problem in this country. Some say it’s a gun problem. Others say it’s a heart problem. I’d say it’s much more complex. No-one seems to agree. So it’s no surprise that no one is coming up with a workable solution – it seems we’re all just happy to try to lay blame with the other guys. In the meantime, our neighborhoods, schools, churches, et al are becoming the battlegrounds where our politicians are fighting their politically expedient gun-control wars.

Here are some of the options to waging this war among our morally, ethically and intellectually challenged political leaders:

  • Gun Control Laws – These are laws that would seek to curtail the citizenry’s ability to purchase, own and use firearms. I’m really trying to remain neutral in this blog, as my own personal feelings about gun control is not the topic…today. Proponents argue that this would help to take “weapons of war” off the streets. Their use of scary terms and attempts to redefine other terms are comical best. They rely on people’s ignorance of weapons to wage their war. Opponents cry foul – the 2nd Amendment is being trashed – they rely on people’s patriotism and common sense to aid in their war. Both sides use statistics to try to show how they’re right, leading to no resolution.

  • Education – While this sounds like it’s more enlightened, it’s really more of the same. Anti-gun people are trying to use education to show why guns are bad to the patriotic group, therefore should be abandoned as folly, while the pro-gun people try to use education to show how the ‘ignorant’ people are ignorant. Unfortunately, like the gun-control answer, this just pisses each side off and, you guessed it, no resolution.

Unfortunately, both options lead to more gridlock, keeping our citizens in the line of fire. What we need are protectors to – well – protect our youngest citizens until such time as our ‘benevolent leaders’ can get their heads out of their ‘re-election asses’ long enough to actually, you know, fix the problem. Our law enforcement officials, while quick to respond are being told not to have a show of force on our campuses because some groups are scared, others are offended, and still others are confused why law enforcement is present while nothing is happening.

This is where I think we need some sheepdogs to keep the sheep and lambs safe. What’s up with sheepdog analogy, Bill? Are you calling me a stupid sheep?! Check out this sheepdog letter to see what I’m talking about. Good. Now that we’re on the same page, I can progress. My biggest concern right now is children. Way too many schools are the political battlegrounds for the aforementioned problem.

We want sheepdogs to protect our flock. We don’t want weapons in our schools. We even have (in my mind) foolish ‘Gun Free Zones’ around our schools, ensuring that the only people who have a gun are the bad guys who are breaking the law. OK – sorry – no politics…right. Back on track. How do we honor our attempts to keep guns off campuses, while at the same time having sheepdogs there? Troops To Teachers. Right now, you’re thinking ‘what the…?’ Let me explain. There are thousands of soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and guardsmen (don’t get sidetracked on any sexism thing – a topic for another day, as well) getting ready to leave the military and want to be teachers. The military has a program called Troops To Teachers to assist them in finishing their degrees, get their teaching credentials, and get hired. Read up on it here. Every one of these heroic people who are seeking to move into the next phase of their lives, have previously uttered these words, “I am an American fighter. I serve in the forces that guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.” This is the 1st Article of the Department of Defense Code of Conduct. These brave men and women have pledged their lives to the very defense of those around them. Why wouldn’t we want them in our schools as teachers? They are sheepdogs. They run to danger. While they don’t revel in the thought of violence, they do not shirk from it when it is needed to protect those whom they serve. How many of our children from Columbine to Saugus could have been saved if sheepdogs were among them as their teachers? I’m not – not – NOT suggesting these teachers (or any others) should carry weapons. That’s another topic for yet another day. I’m saying it’s time to stop the loss, as much as we can, while our country’s leaders banter about any solutions they think might get them re-elected. If you agree that this might be a great way to protect our young lambs, contact your local school board and ask them about this program. Show them this blog, if you’d like, but the time for real answers to problems no-one seems ready to actually solve is now.

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My thoughts: We should stop giving our kids psychotropic drugs. These drugs have a warning label that state” May cause suicidal tendencies”. Most kids involved in these shootings have been on these type of drugs. The Saugus kid lost his father two years ago. Who was mentoring him and shepherding him?



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