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TDS and the Subconscious Mind

Today we're going to bring two seemingly unrelated topics together to explain the most probable election outcome - President Trump's reelection. Right now, all those reading this with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) are either screaming or finding themselves in the fetal position on the floor, as they cry uncontrollably hoping to find their "safe space". While we conservatives chuckle when we see this, it's really not a laughing matter. These are all signs of advanced TDS, and can cripple the Left, causing more conservative votes, which further cripples the Left, causing more conservative votes... As you can see it's a vicious cycle that, left untreated, can actually cause Trump's reelection...which will lead to more TDS symptoms manifesting.

To really understand this we need to understand how the subconscious works. The base understanding with the subconscious is 'you get what you focus on'. Our subconscious understands the overall concept of a thing. It doesn't understand how you approach the topic; it just understands the topic. Here's a perfect example: An usher in church sees a young child running through the sanctuary. Ushers are instructed to use the positive to reinforce the desired result. If the usher says, "Don't run," the child's subconscious hears "run". Remember, the subconscious understands the overall concept, which in this case is 'run'. If the usher tells the child to walk, then the child's subconscious hears walk, and the usher has a much better chance that the child will comply. If your test sample for this study is one child, it may not work, but over time, given many children's responses, you'll see that saying, "Walk," works far more often than saying, "Don't run."

OK, I see what you're saying, but how does this relate to TDS? Here's how: You get what you focus on. Right now, you really need to read my previous blog post on goal-setting; here it is. The reason this was important to read is you need to see that focus is one of the more important and one of the strongest driving forces, especially when it comes to the mind. It's never more obvious than when you are crossing a snow-covered field. For the first half of the crossing, we're looking at our feet. We're making sure we don't misstep and twist our ankle or scratch our leg on a briar or something like that. After we've traversed half of the field, we look back at where we've been only to see what appears to be a path made through the snow by what can only be a drunken, blind sailor. It's apparent that whoever made those tracks had absolutely no idea where they were going. For the second half of the trip, we're going to focus on a spot on the shoreline where we want to be. After we get there, upon looking back, we see a mangled mess followed by a straight line leading right up to where we are. Focussing on the end result got us exactly where we wanted. Sure, we had to go around a tree or two, but our focus on the end always kept us going to the exact spot we wanted.

Focussing on the job you want done gets the job you want done - done. Focussing on something else gets something else done. It's really as simple as that. We elect our Representatives to go to Congress and do what they said they wanted to do. If they focus on this, we were successful in our choice. If they focus on something else, or worse on nothing, we are not represented and in most cases we have a rogue Representative who feels no guilt for lying to us and is just collecting a $174,000 welfare check per year. This is where we find ourselves. We (the US) elected a whole bunch of Congressmen and Congresswomen whose whole purpose was to impeach Trump. They were hired by Left-leaning communities for this purpose, Translation: Entire communities and Congresspersons have no focus on anything except Trump. Remember, our subconscious hears the topic, not the approach to the topic. The entire Left has been focused on Trump for three years. I wonder: What do you think the outcome of the election will be if the Left is only focused on Trump? Pelosi says we can't let Trump have another term. The MSM highlights Trump as negatively as possible all the time. This all-consuming focus is why Trump will get elected. The Left's candidates are all saying Trump this and Trump that. There is no surprise here with their TDS so focused that there can be no other outcome than Trump being reelected.

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