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The Mainstream Media; Asset of the Left

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Today we use the term Mainstream Media (MSM) to identify the entity that is not only a primary tool of the Left, but its biggest asset. The MSM has been, up until the 80's, simply the Press indicated in the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The 80's proved to be a time of massive change. The catalyst: We elected a President who not only understood the camera, but had much of his life surrounded by cameras. Who was that? Well, of course we're talking about Ronald Reagan. He knew how to engage the cameras to his benefit. He frequently used television to speak directly to the American public. He took the power of the Press away from the Press and gave it directly to the People.

The Press was still there, but the ability to comment on, and editorialize about, Presidential events was quite diminished, since President Reagan rarely left room for editorializing because of these frequent 'briefings' to allow us, The People, into his thought processes and decisions. Let's liken this to Jesus (no, I'm not comparing President Reagan to Jesus - no comparison can ever come close to the Son of God) and the way he spoke directly to the Jewish people in the Gospels. The Pharisees, the religious leaders, had made all kinds of rules about what God meant in the Torah. Jesus, told the people exactly what God said, and what He meant, since as The Son, He was both God and man. This direct contact, in the Pharisees' eyes, took away their power, as indicated in the parable about the wicked vinedressers from Matthew 21:33-46. Read it here. Since Reagan was to the Right, it only makes sense that the MSM begin to lean Left, so that they can begin building High Places that Reagan had been tearing down.

It doesn't take long for the MSM to begin coordinated attacks. Remember Bush (41)? He said, at one point in his campaign, "Read my lips: No new taxes." The MSM saw an opportunity to get like-minded people into power by simply playing over and over again the 'no new taxes' clips regularly. Never mind that any new taxes were but a compromise that Democrats and Republicans made in Congress over many different issues, Bush signed the bills instead of vetoing them, because of his belief that the concessions allowed for greater growth. However, this was his death-blow politically, since all we ever saw was the clip, and not Bush's explanation. You see, he wasn't as familiar or comfortable with cameras and constant direct contact with The People, as his predecessor had been.

During the Bush era and the following Clinton era, one of the most hotly debated issues became abortion. The MSM, already sliding to the Left, started to take sides even more. While I don't know any Christians who agree with bombing abortion clinics, every single time the MSM had a story on another abortion clinic bombing, it was always the "Christian Right" that was behind it. Their slide to the Left was still not complete.

In 2001 (not the Space Odyssey variety), terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and - if it weren't for the heroes of United Flight 93 - the Capitol. For a few short months, the MSM really was just the news, and we loved them again. They truly were just providing us news again. However, it was a short-lived experiment. The Left craves power.

The Right fights for less government control at the federal level, preferring to send it back to the state level. The Left seeks consolidating power at the Federal level. This can be seen first-hand in the way they are seeking to get rid of the Electoral College, seeking to have a simple popular vote election nationally, and not having the vote seperated by state electors. Read more about this in The Echo Debrief's post on the Electoral College. The MSM will regularly give information about the elections, while always throwing in that someone (only if a Democrat) won the popular vote.

Currently, there are two issues that show the MSM's true colors:

  1. Guns. Every time there's a mass shooting, we hear info about the probable pro-gun, Right-leaning, NRA-loving, shooter who hated gays, muslims and blacks, only to find out weeks later that the shooter was a Left-leaning muslim who hates America or a young boy who wanted to either shoot everyone because they were picked on for being gay, or was so upset that socialism isn't accepted by the rest of America that they snapped. Either way, once the truth comes out, suddenly there's other news that's worth headlining. However, in the 5% of the time that the shooter is Right-leaning, we hear for months about how the NRA and Republicans sour people's minds and create shooting scenarios. The MSM's position as an asset of the Left is very obvious.

  2. President Trump. OK, name five reports from the MSM where President Trump is somehow painted in a good light. I'll wait........ I know, you can't. Now, try to name off the things that are bad about him from the MSM and keep it on one page, single spaced, You can't do that either, can you? We have the single greatest market happening in our nation's history; the lowest black unemployment ever; the fastest growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since at least Reagan's 80's, but all we hear is the troubles. The MSM's position as an asset of the Left is very obvious.

I live in Los Angeles County, in the Great.....well, in the State of California. That means two things: The Left controls every aspect of life, and the MSM will have a breaking news story of a car chase whenever there's news that would be beneficial to the Right or the President and there's not some way to twist it into a negative. News-flash: This is Los Angeles: There are ALWAYS car chases. What makes these noteworthy? That's right; they need something to report other than good news. When something goes wrong for the Democrats in Congress, it's "Troubles in Congress". When it goes bad for the Republicans, "Republicans in Congress are thwarted in the attempt to (name the issue)". There's not even any attempt to cover up their contempt for all things Right.

There's a movement in the country among those calling themselves Democrat which describes the mass migration to the Republican Party- #walkaway. There's a term in the very deeply Democratic black community describing the mass migration to the Republican Party - #blexit. The Democratic party is suffering a huge loss of support in the impeachment because of the very obvious push by the Democrats with the MSM's support to railroad the President with no options to provide witnesses in the House impeachment, while crying foul if the Senate doesn't allow them to call witnesses. The MSM completely backs this, as not even once have I heard this disparity mentioned.

At some point, we need to deregister news networks as news networks and make them re-register as editorial networks, if they're only going to be an asset of the Left. The Left is losing support in massive waves across this country. It would be prudent for the MSM to begin to report news again. As it stands, their days are numbered, as the cry will be deafening for their closure if their work, as an asset of the Left, continues.

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