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The Most Powerful Position in the Land

The most powerful position in the land is not what you think it is.  It's not the President; not any Congressman or Congresswoman; not even one of the many sitting Governors.  No, the most powerful seat in the land is one that most people haven't even heard of:  The precinct captain or committeeperson (depending on the State's terminology where you live) is the most powerful post in the land.  Why?  Let me explain:

When election-time approaches, regardless of the level of the election (for our purposes here, let's use a Statewide Presidential election), two things happen:  1) Political operatives & pundits try to influence the public into voting their way by speculating on election results, and 2) Each political party gets involved in races to make sure their candidate can win.  I'm only going to focus on #2 here.  Each county will have their ballot process.  While they all have unique ways of determining, it all comes down to one interesting method:  The precinct captain's all vote on who makes it to the ballot.  They do this based on their own system of beliefs.  If a leading candidate for President doesn't get chosen to be on the ballot in a particular county, well, based on which state it is, there might be problems, as each state has different election laws as to who can make it to the state-wide ballot.

Now, since each party has their own precinct captain (sorry, this is the term I'm using for this position - it's just easier), this process goes on multiple times.  Here's where it gets interesting:  Most precincts across the country - yes country - go unfilled.  Most Wards (the step up from precinct) will place the few precinct captains that they do have over multiple precincts due to lack of actual people.  In most cases, if you contacted the county HQ of your preferred political party, you could get written in as a precinct captain.  There might actually be more than one person vying for this position, which would trigger a vote, but that is rare.

If you, as I do, feel that abortion is an abhorrent action, then, as the precinct captain for your precinct, vote for only people who believe the same to be on the ballot in your county.  If you feel that socialized medicine is the right way (not my opinion), then vote for candidates who believe the same to be on the ballot.  The point is, either way you believe, the precinct captain controls the ballot, therefore controls the election process.  By controlling the election process, you fill the most powerful and influential post in the land.  Contact your church, your lodge, your group of friends, whoever - and have them get into the process.  Remember, in most cases, there's no-one filling this role in your area, unless they're also filling 12 other precinct seats.  Get involved and change the county, the state and the country.

While I found this out way back in the mid '90s, here is a great site to explain this in even greater detail with all the fancy graphics that I won't give you...

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