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Wait, the 25th Amendment?

Everyone watch: Pay attention to what's happening. This (the 25th Amendment issue in Congress right now) is exactly what will happen to Biden within the next 12 months; perpetrated by the same people calling for it now. This was the end-game all along. It's why Biden was pushed as the nominee: To give the DNC who they wanted as president without the need of putting her many issues (right Willie Brown?) in the middle of a debate with Trump, who pulls no punches. Pence is a nice guy: He won't sling her past out in front of everyone - and true to form, he didn't.

Unfortunately, the 25th Amendment covers when the President can no longer discharge his duties, not if there's an issue with any actions he's done or any he's allowed to be done. In that case, the Constitution solely calls for The House of Representatives to make the case for removal and The Senate tries the case. What is this called, you might ask? That's right - impeachment and removal. They wasted three years over the fraudulent issues based on a dossier that was wholly false and paid for by the opposing campaign in the last election. Now, when it looks like there may be plausible issues at hand, the boy who cried wolf has far less credibility to push forward an impeachment in the less than two weeks remaining in the president's term, so they're trying to pressure the president's team to invoke the 25th Amendment for which it is ill-suited. No doubt, the media, who are all too eager to be the mouthpiece for the DNC by squashing stories that would potentially harm them, covering to oblivion stories that might harm the president, and sometimes just making up stories when none exist, will suddenly realize after the 25th is used that it was used incorrectly by the Republicans - those evil bastards - completely ignoring the role the Democrats played in pushing it. Don't believe me? What did the emails that were so incriminating to the Clinton campaign that they were hacked by the Russians (actually Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame) even say? I think I heard it once or twice, and then only by Fox. No, the media squashes stories they don't want to be heard and twists those that can hurt them to only focus on the part that's damaging to their opponents.

Many will not believe this. Many will call this right-wing conjecture. We'll see...

Oh - in Biden's case it won't be used inappropriately; there are literally hundreds of video clips showing what appears to be a rapidly progressing dementia, which will most likely be diagnosed as Alzheimer's. However, I'm not a doctor so, while it's very painfully obvious to the world that something's wrong, we won't know what the actual diagnosis is until the Democrats allow us to know - you know, when they 'discover' what everyone else can already see.

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