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Why "Echo" Debrief?

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

I am an "Echo". Or, I was one. In the Army, our Military Occupation Specialty is shown as a code with two numerical digits and one letter. The two numbers identify the branch of the Army - 11 for infantry, 19 for Armor, 72 for Personnel, etc. The letter signifies what your specific specialty is in your branch. In my case, I was a 97E. We are now called Human Intelligence Collectors. I prefer our historically more accurate name of Interrogators. The Army has recently (within the last decade) changed the codes to better tie in with the officer branch codes. While I'm not a fan of this, they didn't seek my counsel, so - well, there you have it. The Intelligence branch includes MOS designators 96 through 98. 97B is Counterintelligence, 97E is Interrogator, 98C is Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) Analyst, 98G is SIGINT Voice Intercept. Within our branch, we are referred to simply as Bravos, Echoes, Charlies and Golfs - the letter designation of our MOS in the military's phonetic alphabet.

Nobody cares when a Charlie or a Golf comes to visit a unit, as they usually just hide out in places that have the name "Field Station" or "NSA" attached. However, when a Bravo comes, there's reason to pause, as a counterintelligence investigation is most assuredly involved. Peoples' rectums pucker up, as the fine tooth comb is coming out to look through your sh... er, your stuff. They are looking for leaks and issues of mishandling classified info, at best, or to arrest someone for potential espionage, at worst. When the Echo come to visit, people know that for the next few hours (maybe even next few days) they will be debriefed, meaning every piece of an incident, action, or exercise will be looked at to determine if there's any potential that intelligence information is available.

In a civilian setting, there are so many topics that need dissecting/investigating...debriefing. I will spend some time, how ever long it lasts, giving my take on the topics currently in play in our nation and world. Some may agree with me; some may not. That's ok. I have changed my mind in the past, and I'm sure I will again as time goes on. I might be instrumental in helping you see things in a new way. Whether you change your mind or not is your business. I just ask that any discussions here, or on any social media this is shared to, remain healthy and respectful.

I look forward to our time together.

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