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My Fix For CHAZ...

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, now becoming CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized/Occupied Protest) out of a hope to avoid military action against them, while claiming the change is to better classify themselves, is nothing more than an armed insurrection disguised as a continuation of the protests/looting/property damage initiated by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and escalated by groups like ANTIFA and others associated with BLM. “Bill, you’re missing the point.” Am I? ANTIFA is an unorganized group that promotes and carries out violence against what they perceive to be fascist elements. You can see on ANTIFA’s website that they are fashioned after communist ideologies. The interesting thing is communism and fascism are both socialist. While the few differences could be highlighted in another blog entry, today we are specifically covering CHAZ/CHOP and the armed insurrection that is underway in the Seattle area. They strive to remain unorganized for one main reason: When someone someone takes any action that is criminal in nature (inciting a riot, burning property, looting, etc...) they are technically able to claim that it wasn't them, since there is no organization. Nevermind that it always seems to happen when they're in the area...minor details, right?

Military action has been suggested as a counter to the CHAZ movement, which, as I already stated, is the reason for the last-minute push to not self-identify as an autonomous zone. However, it’s only a name change. When I first moved to California, South Central Los Angeles had just changed their name to South Los Angeles. They wanted to remove themselves from the gang-infested stigma that plagued South Central LA. The problem is, when you change the name but not the issues that caused the stigma to exist in the first place, you’ve only changed the name. It didn’t take too long for South LA to have the same word-association that South Central LA had. Changing from CHAZ to CHOP will do nothing to stop the insurrection that is underway.

I am 100% in agreement with the idea that the US military should never be used against our populace. The slippery slope that exists when you have the military act as police is covered in banana peels and ice. Our society will go down fast and hard. that being said, when you begin, or participate in an armed insurrection, I believe you forfeit any and all benefits you enjoy from your citizenship, including posse comitatus. You see, if it's an armed insurrection, it's national defense - it's no longer a law enforcement jurisdiction.

My fix to this will be presented as if I was president, a scary proposition for many, I assure you. I would conduct my ‘fix’ in three steps:

  1. This new “nation” wants to negotiate to keep their ill-gotten ground. I would send in a team of well-known negotiators with all the cameras and fanfare to display our “Love for our new neighbors”. Having served in Army intelligence as an interrogator, I am, at heart, a deception and misdirection specialist. My negations would be for the sole purpose of giving them hope and keeping them otherwise engaged.

  2. The same night that negotiations commence, I would have a platoon of US Army Rangers (roughly 50 Rangers) parachute in under cover of darkness to take the upper floors of multiple buildings. This would begin to shake the enemy (yes, insurgents are considered enemies) and set panic amongst their ranks.

  3. With the enemy in a state of panic, the next morning I would send in a battalion of US Infantry on the ground, coordinated with an attack from above (the Rangers) to fully surround and hopefully capture any and all insurgents. I would not seek to kill all the insurgents, but would not be troubled if many died in the process - they are armed insurgents.

I am not a cold-blooded killer. However, I do believe in making full use of the military capabilities if the occasion calls for it. I would execute the plan with precision, making no concessions for a negotiated surrender. Your choices are total and unconditional surrender or death. I will not negotiate for any of your terms. You decided, instead of taking known and effective political actions, to directly attack the US through use of armed insurgency and sedition. You will be given no quarter if you don’t surrender without condition.

As a nation, we have become too lax and lost any backbone we have to stand up for what is right. We allow political correctness to run amok. I will allow and listen to any and all of your grievances until you take up arms against this nation. At that point, your concerns and ideals no longer matter.

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